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We are pleased to invite persons with accepted Abstracts the opportunity to submit a full manuscript to

Transplantation Proceedings
in conjunction with:
43rd Italian Transplantation Society Congress (SITO 2019)
to be held
November 21 – 23, 2019 in Rome, Italy

Manuscripts will ONLY be received through our online system, EVISE


Please be sure to
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 Deadline for Submission:  JANUARY 15, 2020


Transplantation Proceedings invites persons who have accepted Abstracts to submit a full manuscript in accordance with our Guidelines for Manuscripts Associated With Meetings.

Please follow the detailed instructions below regarding the submission of your manuscript.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

Ethics – Transplantation Proceedings:  This journal strictly complies with the Helsinki Congress and the Istanbul Declaration regarding donor source.  Donors must not be from prisoners, or from those individuals who are coerced or paid. Please include a statement within the Abstract and Text regarding compliance and include a separate verification letter from your Dean, IRB or OPO in English.

Transplantation Proceedings is peer-reviewed, therefore all manuscripts will undergo extensive review, and authors will be notified of the outcome. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Society in publishing groundbreaking transplantation research.


Authors MUST upload their manuscript to Transplantation Proceedings through our online system, EVISE, by selecting the correct meeting name for your meeting from the pull-down menu.  When uploading your manuscript, you will be asked to select an Article Type from the pull-down menu. You must NOT select any other Article Type, AND YOU MUST ONLY SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT ONCE.

If you make a mistake, notify the Editorial Office by email to AND PLACE THE WORDS “ERROR ON SUBMISSION IN THE EMAIL SUBJECT LINE so I may properly address the problem immediately.   DO NOT upload it again until you are given permission.  Failure to comply may result in the manuscript rejection. Remember, please ONLY upload your manuscript once as failure to do so may result in rejection of your paper.  Please do not email your manuscript to the editorial office, and please do not give your manuscript to any personnel on-site as we will ONLY receive manuscripts through our online system.

All manuscripts must be prepared in English (including fully cited References) and saved as a Word file (not as PDF) in its final form.  References must be fully cited and must be in English.  Abstracts and Manuscript Text (including References) MUST be double spaced using an 11 point font and sized for letter size paper with one inch margins all around, not A4.  DO NOT embed your Tables/Figures within the Text, rather place them AFTER the fully cited References.  DO NOT include “Supplemental” Tables/Figures.  All Tables/Figures must be numbered sequentially and cited within the Text, and placed after the fully cited References.

All manuscripts must be accompanied by a completed Conflict of Interest and Financial Agreement Forms.  These forms are available online when submitting the manuscript.

All manuscripts must contain the following and must be uploaded in this order.  PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW OUR FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.  Manuscripts WILL NOT BE PROCESSED if these formatting instructions are  not followed as they are REQUIRED by our publisher for copyediting purposes if accepted following review.  Please carefully read the following prior to the preparation of your manuscript

1. Manuscript Check List which states the MEETING NAME and Article Type associated with your manuscript followed by the title of your manuscript. (See below)

2. Title Page – (See sample below)
– must not contain abbreviations unless fully spelled out with the abbreviation in parenthesis
– if an animal study, name the species
– if a Case Report, place “Case Report” in the title.
– must contain all author information, i1) ncluding fully spelled out names of all authors (given and surname), Institution with full address, telephone number and email addresses of ALL authors
– a clearly designated corresponding author with author’s name fully spelled out, Institution with full address, telephone number and the corresponding author’s email address
– any Grant support
– the total number of Tables/Figures contained in the manuscript, and state if in color or not in color

3. Double spaced Abstract of no more than 250 words.  No References, Tables or Figures are to be in the Abstract.

4.  At least 3 double spaced manuscript pages of text (including fully cited References in English) sized for “letter” (one inch margins all around), NOT A4.  Please use an 11 point font.  Manuscripts not following this format will be returned!

5. Tables, Figures (with Figure Legends).  Tables/Figures (with Figure Legends)  – must be placed AFTER the References and must not be embedded within the text.  All Figures must contain Figure Legends.  Manuscripts not following this format will be returned!

PLEASE NOTE:  This journal does not receive Figures or Tables as “Supplementary” or “Appendices”.  All Tables/Figures must appear sequentially numbered and cited within the text.  All Figures must have Legends.

Manuscripts containing Tables/Figures as “Supplementary” or “Appendices” will be returned!

Elsevier has very strict requirements regarding the preparation of Tables/Figures.  Please adhere to the following as if accepted, our copyeditors can ONLY prepare the page proofs if the files are set up in this fashion:

Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point JPEG/JPG,
Figures Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tables Yes No No No No

In other words:  Tables can ONLY be set up as WORD files.

6. Your manuscript Title page, Abstract, Text and Tables MUST be uploaded as a Word PC file, NOT as pdf, and saved in its final form. Manuscripts not following this format will be returned! Note again that ONLY Figures can be uploaded as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG, TIF, GIF, EPS or PNG. We will not process manuscripts uploaded in any other fashion as this is required by our publisher in order to prepare the page proofs if accepted following review.

7. The required Conflict of Interest, Financial Agreement and manuscript Checklist forms.

8. Authors are required to include “Highlights” by including 3-5 bullet points about the importance of the submitted paper:


If you wish to submit a video along with your full manuscript, you must follow the links below for instruction on the preparation.  You will then upload your video in the “attach files” area and select “video” from the pull-down menu.  All videos must be accompanied by a full manuscript comparable in length to the video and must be no less than 5 pages in length.  The manuscript must completely describe the video content, and must contain all of the manuscript components listed above (Title Page, Abstract, Highlights, Text with fully cited References and any Table/Figure).

Links for video preparation:

o             Overview

o             Specifications

or download this PDF guide: Artwork and Multimedia Instructions Interactive PDF

Important note regarding page charges:
Submission of a manuscript will constitute expression of the author’s commitment to defray the cost of publication.  There are NO automatically assigned complimentary pages by Transplantation Proceedings.  In most cases, your meeting organizer will provide at least ONE manuscript page to authors, however, they will contact us directly and your invoice, if accepted, will reflect the discount.   Authors MUST assume that they are responsible for ALL page charges at US$99.95 each, payable upon invoice from Elsevier, if accepted for publication following review.  No payment is due at the time of submission as all manuscripts undergo extensive review.   Authors will be notified of the outcome of their manuscript following review.  This may take between 12-16 weeks.

Page charges are verified by the Editorial Office of Transplantation Proceedings which may differ from the page count you may list on your Financial Agreement Form as they are based on our Formatting Guidelines:  the double spaced typed, submitted page (not on the printed page and not by the pdf of the page proof), referred to as “manuscript page”.  Tables/Figures are counted as one manuscript page each.  A publication charge of U.S. $99.95 per manuscript page will be invoiced by our publisher, Elsevier prior to the publication of accepted manuscripts.  No payment is due until the review process is completed by our reviewers and the page proofs are prepared by Elsevier.  Please note that there are no charges incurred for the Abstract, Title page, or correspondence information.  Also, each Table or illustration must be counted as one manuscript page due to the increased production time needed for this material.    Extra charges are applied for publication of color graphics in the printed form of the issues, however, they color reproduction of graphics are free of charge online.

The proceedings of the Congress will appear in the journal, Transplantation Proceedings.

If you have any questions on how to submit your manuscript, please contact me at

With every good wish, I beg to remain,


Barry D. Kahan, PhD, MD
Editor in Chief
Transplantation Proceedings

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